Dr. Madan Kumar Uprety

Position: Chairperson

Dr Madan Kumar Uprety ABOUT

As an entrepreneur, he is the Founder/President in Tesla Hydro USA, Inc; Chairperson in Everest Federal Credit Union, New York; Partner and Medical Director of the Greenbrook TMS Neurohealth, USA; Investor of Valley View Village developing $120 Million  multi-story apartment complexes in Harrisonburg VA;  Developers of  Gorkha Homes, LLC, Washington DC;    Founder and CEO of My Psychiatrist, one of the largest mental health practice in DC metro area.

Dr.  Uprety has been contributing in the field of Philanthropy for over a decade.  As a President of Mission Rebuild Nepal, he has  built 850 houses to the earthquake victims of Nepal and delivered oxygen plans (worth USD 1.2 Millions) in 10 hospitals in Nepal during COVID. Additionally, Dr.  Uprety has taken a leadership role in Nepali American Community Center to build $ 8 Million community center in Washington DC.

As a medical doctor, Dr.  Uprety has served as a Chief resident, Medical Directors, assistant Professor and other leadership position in various private and public health institutions in the USA.

Dr.  Uprety has authored many books, research papers and presented in international forum. He has received several awards for his work in the medical field.

Currently, Dr.  Uprety is devoting majority of his time as an Executive Chairperson of the Peace Energy Company, having key executive role of planning, development, management and controlling of 28.10 MW Upper Kabeli Hydro Power Project.